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Why Choose Clean Planet?


Clean planet will never conduct an estimate with out visiting the site first. The Power Washing Specialist on site is encouraged to take pictures of the site, discus with you exactly what you would like done, and take tentative notes to ensure the most accurate and fair estimate. Clean Planet operates under the “golden rule”-“treat others the way you want to be treated.” This carries out not only through customer service but other things like- setting customer expectations, arrival/departure time, and accurate estimates.

We also try to be as environmentally friendly as possible! Using as many bio degradable/eco friendly products as possible. 

A common fact that most do not know.. If an exterior GFCI outlet is sprayed directly with a power washer or detergents, it could easily catch fire. While a professional knows to never spray these outlets directly and to protect them from excessive water runoff, someone without the correct experience could literally burn down a house with water. 

It’s also important to NEVER spray power lines, cable boxes, or anything else electrical directly. These items should be cleaned around with extreme caution.

Before we start to apply our house washing or roof cleaning mixture, we perform a walk through of the job site to determine the best possible way to complete the job. Before we start to apply the solution we coat all plants and trees with water. We pay special attention to plants that fall directly below the roof-line. The water will help protect the leaves from potential chemical burns caused by sodium in our mix. Then during and after the cleaning process we will continue to wash the plants with water to keep them safe. Choose Clean Planet and you can see we take care and precautions when coming to your property. Keeping the plants saturated with fresh water will keep them hydrated, meaning they cannot soak up as much of the soft washing solution.  

Clean Planet’s Power washing Specialist goal is to provide superior customer service and to serve nothing but the highest standard of exterior cleaning. 

All products are safely applied to manufacture specifications. Safety data sheets are available upon request. 

Fully licensed and insured. 

Our Cleaning Process




Agree on Job Details






Our Quality Guarantee

We genuinely care about you and your needs when you choose Clean Planet. The Pressure Washing Specialist on site is garnered to be meticulous, friendly, care about your specific needs, and will get the job done right and on time.

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